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Dog training for the whole family

We Believe in Positive Reinforcement Training

Dog training for the whole family.  We will teach you the tools you will need to communicate with your dog through mutual respect and trust.

Dogs are unique pets.

They are intelligent and social enough that they can truly become an extension of your family; however, their social behavior and thinking processes have different roots than our human ones.

Understanding this fact is an important step to help you stick to an early puppy training and dog obedience training regimen that will maximize the chance of your dog becoming a well-mannered and happy member of the family instead of a source of frequent frustration.

Diane Pinkerton Golden Retriever | Aspen Family Dog Training | Highlands Ranch, CO

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Puppy and Dog Training – Basic to Advanced

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No Jumping

Focus Work

Walk and Train

Day Training

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Counter Surfing



Leash Aggression


Separation Anxiety

House/Crate Training

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Happy Clients

Black Labrador Running | Aspen Family Dog Training | Highlands Ranch, CO

I cannot express how much I appreciate Diane and her expertise. I am a first time dog owner with no clue as to how to train a dog. I have no doubt that if I keep practicing and using the training Diane has taught me our little pup will grow to be a lovely and enjoyable part of our family.

As for the personal interaction, Diane is wonderful. She never condescended to me or made me feel inadequate when I wasn’t getting everything down perfectly. She is patient, kind and truly wants to help you with your pup. I’ve already recommended her to a friend.

Happy Husky | Aspen Family Dog Training | Highlands Ranch, CO

My kids and I have taken three of Aspen Family Dog Training progressive dog training classes and have found them to be highly effective.There is nothing worse than a misbehaved dog for disrupting family life! The training was as much if not more for us as it was for my dog! I’m so glad I signed my kids up to take the class as well, its important for everyone in the family to understand the correct way to train your dog. 

Diane proved to be a highly effective instructor who was fun to be around and has a great compassion for dogs and it shows in her classes.

Small Dog | Aspen Family Dog Training | Highlands Ranch, CO

Diane is an amazing trainer and so much fun to work with. She can be as hyper as the puppies in her class! Only positive reinforcement training, no choked/spiked collars, and still gets amazing results. 10/10 would recommend.

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